New Longines Master Full Calendar Moon Phase Chronograph

The biggest change of the new Longines Master full-calendar moon phase chronograph is the use of Longines' new L687 automatic chronograph movement. The old "8-pin Longines" uses the ETA 7750 automatic chronograph movement.

The movement of Longines has a major feature. Although Longines does not use self-produced movements, it reflects the important position of Longines in mid-priced watches and forms a difference from entry-level watches. ETA will develop exclusive movements for Longines.replica watches Like Longines L688 series chronograph movements and L888 series automatic movements, they are all special movements developed by ETA for Longines on the basis of general movements. The Longines special movement will use some configurations that are in line with the Omega movement. The polished decoration of the movement is better than Tissot and Meidu.

The L687 chronograph movement (L687/688 series) of the new Longines Master full-calendar moon phase chronograph is a cylindrical wheel chronograph movement developed by ETA on the basis of the 7750 movement. A cylindrical wheel replaced the previous cam on the 7750. The cylindrical wheel is regarded as the hallmark of high-end chronographs. The cylindrical wheel has the same shape as the "petal". Compared with the simple geometric structure of the cam, the cylindrical wheel is more beautiful, and the cylindrical wheel has a "multi-petal" structure. , So that the friction stroke of the lever is smaller, so the button of the column wheel chronograph feels smoother. The cam chronograph buttons will be harder because of the friction of the lever on the fixed wheel position, especially the reset button.

The L678/L688 series chronograph movement dedicated to Longines shocked the world of famous watches as soon as it was launched that year.rolex fake Because the L687/688 series movement is the lowest-priced cylindrical wheel chronograph movement in famous watches, it directly lowers the entry barrier for cylindrical wheel chronographs. That year, the starting price of the columnar wheel chronograph was 40,000 to 50,000 yuan. After Longines launched the L678/L688 series of chronograph movements, the entry threshold of the columnar wheel chronograph was lowered to around 20,000 yuan. Even today, Longines is still one of the lowest-priced columnar wheel chronographs.

After changing to the L687 cylindrical wheel chronograph movement, the "8-hand Longines" still paints the cylindrical wheel blue in accordance with Longines's usual tradition. From the bottom of the movement, the blue cylindrical wheel is very obvious. The technical configuration of the movement has been improved (power has also increased to 54 hours), and the movement has become more beautiful.