Glashütte's quirky original Pano watch has a dark green dial

Glashütte Original often uses the natural beauty of the Ore Mountains as inspiration for the colors of the dials.This time, the brand's designers were inspired by the vertical fir trees surrounding the watch factory - rich, highly layered forest green was applied to the dial of the new eccentric PanoMaticLunar moon phase watch, Vitality remains in the wrist. By working hand in hand with the dial divisions of the same dial factory in Pforzheim, the brass dial embryo has been transformed into a green watch masterpiece.

This new model of the eccentric Pano series, the dial is deep and rich in green and breathtaking, as if you are immersed in the lush coniferous forest around the brand watch factory. On the handmade dial, the color gradient effect is particularly captivating: from the center of the dial to the edge, the dark green color gradually turns black. And this unforgettable and rich color change effect was created by the professional dialists of Glashütte Original in Pforzheim, Germany.replica watches uk First, a nickel plating is applied to the dial, then black paint is applied to the edges to create a unique gradient effect. Next, apply a clear green varnish over the entire surface. Such a delicate handmade, can achieve a unique color gradient effect, so that each dial is unique.

The silver moonlight of the moon phase display device reminds people of the pleasant beauty of the moon in the sky, the sparkling lake and the green waves. The complex moon phase disc was also created by the brand's dial factory in Pforzheim.

With a distinctive classic design, this new model from the Pano Eccentric series is eye-catching: surrounded by polished and brushed stainless steel cases,fake watches uk the various displays on the dial adopt a unique eccentric layout, which is vivid Presents the principle of harmonious aesthetics: the golden ratio. The hours, minutes and small seconds are distributed along the vertical axis on the left side of the dial, while the large calendar display is located at 4 o'clock on the right. The 18-karat white gold hands with Super-LumiNova coating and the dark green tone of the dial form a striking contrast.

Through the sapphire crystal case on the back, you can enjoy the internal "beauty" of the watch, the exquisitely decorated Caliber 90-02 handmade movement is at a glance. Original double gooseneck fine adjustment mechanism of Glashütte Original and various other traditional elements of traditional Glashütte-specific traditional watchmaking art (such as three-quarter plywood, blue steel screws, gold screw-fastened sleeves and other decorative crafts unique to Glashütte provide indisputable proof of their extraordinary origins. a vibration frequency of 4 Hz and a power reserve of 42 hours.